Extreme ironing underwater in Victoria

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Victorian underwater Scuba diving fun

Dear Scubalife Club Members victorian scuba diving iron compatition

Please support another adventure for Victorian scuba diving community,

How many divers you could bring to this event, the organisers are aiming for at least 200 divers!


Guinness World Record Attempt – The most people extreme ironing underwater

“The latest sport that combines the thrills of an outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt”.


Australia Held the Guinness World Record in the extreme sport of “Underwater Ironing” until March 28th 2011, when a group of 173 divers from the Netherlands outnumbered us.  So we now need to show some national pride and reclaim the record for our Country whilst raising funds for charity.

We are aiming for around 200 divers to iron out the record (so to speak), and show those Dutchies what us Aussies are made of.   So let’s claim our record back….

Guinness World Record Attempt – The Most People Extreme Ironing Underwater

Where:  Brighton Open Water Baths, 251 The Esplanade, Brighton.

When:  Sunday February 12th 2012, Participants to arrive between 8:00am and 8:30am for 10:00am dive.  Why not “dress up” for the attempt, and bring along your family and supporters.

Bring:  Other than your dive gear , an ironing board, an iron (with the electrical cord removed) and a garment to press (you may need some lead to keep the garment in place)

Parking:  There are 150 ticketed spaces at the Baths, with free parking in the side streets adjoining the baths.  The Esplanade itself is a “clear way” for cyclists every weekend.

Contact:  Your local Scuba Life dive shop and follow the link, or event coordinator Deborah Azzopardi on 0409-654865 or via email cdazzopardi@optusnet.com.au

There is an entry fee to the baths of $5.00 per diver and $2.00 per spectator,

with Brighton [highlight color=”purple”] Baths donating 20% of this fee to charity: [/highlight]

Project Aware – An association dedicated to education and conservation of marine environments.

Dont forget our Victorian Reef watch fish count this weekend.

Scubalife doing our part for Marine Conservation.
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