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Padi Deep Diver Specialty

About the Padi Deep Diver Course

Many dives, particularly in Melbourne, require you to go beyond the 30m limit that your Advanced Open Water certification gives you. There are many wrecks, walls and reefs that are well worth diving, but require a little more training to be safely attempted. We are famous for our Ships’ Graveyard, however the depth of these wrecks requires at least Deep Diver training.

The purpose of the PADI Deep Diver course is to familiarise divers with the skills, knowledge, techniques and hazards of diving between 18m and 40m. It is a safe and supervised introduction to deeper diving within the limits of recreational scuba diving. With 4 dives over 2 days and two evenings of theory, the Deep Diver course is a comprehensive and fun course to extend your diving experience.

What will I learn?

On your Deep Diver course you will learn about special equipment and techniques needed for going deep. You will also learn more about the effects of pressure, nitrogen loading and narcosis, and more about the risk of decompression sickness. You will complete four dives with the following activities:

Completing tasks underwater at depth 

Comparing depth gauges

Looking at the effects of pressure on different items

A navigation exercise

View the effect of depth on colours

Perform a simulated emergency decompression stop

Descend using the contour of a wall for reference

What will I need?

Your own mask, snorkel, fins and boots 

A surface marker buoy for boat diving



Slate with pencil

Two passport photos

What does the course include ?


PADI Deep Diver certification (which can be used towards your Master Scuba Diver rating)

Four boat dives

Airfills on the course

Gear hire if needed (except mask, snorkel, boots & fins)

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