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iphone Apps for Scuba Divers

PADI iPhone App

With the PADI iphone App, you will have the latest scuba news and information on your mobile device. This is what’s currently part of the PADI App and a few of features that are soon to be available.

Scuba News

Scuba news feature gives you the latest events,scuba news and announcements straight on your mobile phone.

 PADI Dive Shop Locator

Have you ever been somewhere and wondered, “Hey, is there a PADI Dive Shop around here?” Now you can find out in a flash, with the PADI Dive Shop Locator function of the PADI App. You can search by city, state or postal code for PADI Dive Centers or Resorts around the world —or select your current location and find the closest PADI Dive Center or Resort to you.

You can view the results in a list sorted by the closest dive centers and resorts or on a map. Click on a listing and you’ll get the contact information and PADI membership level. With some listings you’ll get even more informaiton, like the PADI courses the faciliyty offers, what brands of Scuba diving equipment are available there and much more.

Take a Tour of How the PADI App Works 


 Australia’s first ever Sustainable Seafood Guide iPhone App!

Do you love your seafood but also love our oceans? Are you concerned about what you eat from the sea and how it got to your plate?

If you don’t have an iPhone, no worries, the guide is also available online or you can buy a hard copy guide. Brought to you by AMCS

Developed in response to growing public concerns about the state of our seas, it is designed to help you make informed seafood choices and play apart in swelling the tide for sustainable seafood.

Grab the iPhone app for FREE here, visit the online guide here
or buy a hard copy guide here!







Ideal for Scuba divers boaters, fishermen and all water sports enthusiasts of all kinds.

Why every diver should have this app: 

We invented the digital chart!

  •  Award winning vector charts included in App price
  • Charts downloaded remain resident on iPhone and function without mobile coverage!
  • User Generated Content (community layer) – the best local data available ,New “My Info” gives you a snapshot of your favorite locations including tides & currents, wind & sun/moon cycle
  • New “NewsStand” offers geo-referenced articles (and more) to read directly in the app! Search for your new destination and review what writers recommend and what not to miss! All saved to a digital library to access anytime, anywhere! Navionics will be adding more articles from publishers around the world. Check back often to find additional languages and articles geo-referenced to locations around the world!
  • Tides & Currents
  •  Route planning, waypoints & markers
  •  Route Tracking
  • Wind Forecasts
  • Satellite overlay on charts
  • Syncing of data with select Chart Plotters
  • The largest database of marine POI’s
  • Share your Tracks, Routes, Geo-tagged Pictures, and Markers on Facebook or via Email and view them on Google Earth.
  • Check out your UGC contribution ranking – Will you be in the top 50?

And so much more – It’s the only Marine app you will ever need!

Any downloaded chart data stays resident on your iPhone and is visible even when outside of wireless coverage! You can plan your on-the-water adventures, check tides, set your routes and markers, and search for marinas. Record your track, capture geo-tagged pictures, and create a virtual adventurelogue of your entire trip and then share it with your friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter and the Navionics community. Join the UGC revolution and contribute to building the best localized data available. With a few simple steps, you can edit your charts to indicate local data like Rocks, Wrecks, Obstructions, Buoys, Beacons & Signs, Lights, Shops & Repairs, Ports & Marinas and Anchorages, Moorings and more. In sharing your UGC, a community of users will benefit and it is visible almost instantly! Learn more about Navionics Mobile: and join us on Facebook or Twitter NOTE: To enjoy the Navionics charts in HD resolution, please search our HD apps expressly built for iPad. Don’t forget to check out our Navionics Ski App!

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