Palau Dive Travel 2012

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Scuba Life club trip Palau 2012

Palau’s warm tropical waters are legendary

Palau is a divers dream! A true “one stop shop” when it comes to diving! Healthy reefs, stunning walls, beautiful hard corals and soft corals, lots of sharks, huge mantas, turtles on every dive and huge schools of fish, tiny seahorses, elusive mandarin fish and lots and lots of tiny critters, all topped off with an amazing collection of WWII wrecks! Whatever your diving pleasure, Palau diving is sure to please!

World War II Wrecks of Palau

Palau was the headquarters of the Japanese command in Micronesia and was heavily fortified by the Japanese in the years leading up to WWII in the Pacific. Malakal Harbor was a major forward supply base for Japanese shipping. On March 31, 1944 U.S. dive-bomber strikes from aircraft carriers Yorktown and Bunker Hill, of Carrier Task Force 58 destroyed over 50 warships and airplanes of the Japanese Imperial Forces, making Palau’s western lagoon their final resting place.

Most of the wrecks are located within a few minutes of the dive centre and remain in excellent condition for diving.

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Palau Diving… 

Palau’s warm tropical waters are legendary amongst divers for their dramatic sheer walls rising from the depths to within inches of the surface and capped with thriving coral reefs. Palau is home to over 1,300 species of fish and more than 700 species of coral. World renowned for its’ marine bio-diversity and abundance of large pelagic animals, Palau also offers avid wreck divers one of Micronesia’s largest collections of WWII shipwrecks.

From current swept plateaus to sheltered coral gardens, Palau offers a wonderful range of diving for every level of interest and skill. The majority of diving in Palau is drift diving along the walls, plateaus and coral gardens of the outer reef, with the dive boat following along from the surface to meet you upon ascent. Experience the sites that make Palau one of the top dive destinations in the world: the sharks of Blue Comer, the manta rays of Devilfish City and German Channel, and the coral reefs and stunning drop offs teeming with marine life.

Palau’s richly abundant waters also provide wonderful leisurely snorkelling and free-diving too! See turtles, sharks, barracuda and multitudes of colorful reef fish as you glide over dazzling coral reefs.

The Dive Sites:

There is no way to see everything that Palau has to offer underwater. From caverns and wall dives, to manta cleaning stations and WWII wrecks, it’s a complete undersea adventure.

  1. Blue Corner — A top Palau dive since its discovery, Blue Corner is a coral peninsula that juts out from a wall. To dive this site, you drift down a wall, reef hook in hand, and hook in at the top edge. There, floating like a kite in the wind, you’ll be surrounded by sharks, schools of jacks, unicorn fish and whatever else happens to be passing by. A true thrill ride.
  2. Chandelier Cave — To reach this air-filled cavern, you swim into the wide maw of an entrance and into the last of three chambers. Here you can pop up and have a chat with your buddy in the huge air pocket. You can always see the light from the entrance, and the cavern features dramatic stalagtites.
  3. Japanese Zero — It’s only in 3 metres/10 feet of water, but every diver wants to see a close up look at the plane that wreaked so much devastation during WWII. It’s also the  perfect photo op.
  4. Jake Float Plane Bomber — This Japanese Aichi E13A1-1 float plane bomber sits mostly intact in just 14 metres/45 feet of water in the harbor.
  5. Peleliu Express — Sometimes called Yellow Wall, this sheer drop is called an “express” because ripping currents pull you along past schools of jacks, sharks, barracudas, sweetlips and pyramid butterfly fish. Bring your surface signaling device.
  6. German Channel — A manta and shark cleaning station lies in the middle of German Channel. During certain times of year, in the late afternoon, its best to just sit and watch the parade of showstoppers as they come in, one by one, to get scoured by wrasse and butterfly fish.
  7. Jellyfish Lake —Jellyfish Lake is filled with stingless jellyfish that follow the sunlight. It’s like snorkeling (no diving please) in a lake of beating hearts.
  8.  Unforgettable.

The Republic of Palau is Micronesia’s western-most island chain. The tightly clustered archipelago covers a distance of around 125 miles and is rich in a diversity of plant life, bird life and marine species. The Rock Islands is Palau’s crown- ing glory and one of the world’s most unique phenomenon. The maze of over 400 limestone islets, covered in tropical forests are the remnants of ancient coral reefs. The Rock Islands dot the ocean for a 35km stretch south of the island of Koror. Continual tidal action and grazing by sea creatures has resulted in the island’s bases wearing away, making them narrower at the bottom than the top. This has created the spectacular look of huge, emerald green mushrooms rising up from the turquoise sea.


Things to do:

Kayaking is the ideal way to explore this fascinating region. The calm waters and easy pace allows the explorer closer observation of the hidden network of salt water lakes, mangrove forests, marine tunnels, tropical beaches and caverns. Explore caves adorned with stalactites and stalagmites within the rock islands, snorkel among millions of stingless jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake, go scuba diving, join a fishing expedition or hike to Ngardmau waterfall.

Sea Passion Hotel:

Sea Passion Hotel is situated near the aquatic centre of Palau, only 5 minutes away from downtown Koror. The hotel consists of 68 suites offering stunning ocean or mountain views. The hotel has a small private beach where you can relax, swim or snorkel, swimming pool, beach bar and Chines Dim Sum Bar, Japanese Restaurant. All this together with its beautiful location makes the Sea Passion a great places to hang out after day of diving, snorkelling or just exploring Palau.

Room Types:

There are Ocean View and Mountain View rooms as well as Ocean View Family suites, All rooms are air conditioned and offer private bathroom facilities, LCD TV, fridge, comfortable furnishings and balcony.

Hotel Facilities:

The resort houses a full service restaurant and bar, an outdoor pool with a pool bar & sports centres, where guests can select from a number of water sport activities ranging from kayaking to jet skies. Room service is also available if you wish to dine in your own privacy. The reception staff at Sea Passion Hotel can arrange a variety of activities such as, kayaking, sport fishing and also cultural tours through a number of local tour operators.


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