Christmas Diving Events

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Christmas BBQ And Club Survey Dive   

Come Join Scuba Life and friends Friday the 9th for a christmas BBQ  bring the kids theres plenty of room for them to play and have fun. Sunday the 11th we will be doing our part for the Great Victorian fish count down at Kilcunda (near Phillip Island). Each diver attending the count will be given a fish identifcation card to use for the great victorian fish count as well as a certificate of participation and possible a reef watch fish count dive tee shirt subject to avalibility. 

We need to Know excactly how of our club members will be attending this Scuba Event to help our marine life and the protecton of certain species such as the blue and the green grouper. [button_round color=”green” url=””] Click here for more Info [/button_round] 

New club T-Shirts and dive club cards, hats, tank tops, mask tamers and much more are on there way. There has been some delay due to our changing of name and shop renovations, there are many great changes on there way like our new website  new email address and [highlight color=”green”] Nitrox [/highlight] is due by Christmas 


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