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Scuba Diving Equipment Rental

Scuba Life Hallam operate the largest and most modern Dive Equipment rental gear in Victoria. Our scuba diving equipment includes some of the best from Tusa and Oceanic dive equipment.All of our rental scuba diving equipment is less than two years old, is serviced every 6 months and is regularly inspected and replaced.

We Hire:

Exposure Suits – Pinnacle Semi/dry 7 mm Neoprene, plush lining with neck, wrist and ankle seals.

BCD’s from – Tusa, Oceanic.

Regulators from – Tusa, Oceanic.

Tanks – 85cft ,100cft and 15ltr faber Steel Cylinders.

Torches and Digital Camera’s.

Weight Belts and Weights – webbed weight belts and integrated weight pockets.

For health & hygiene reasons, Scuba life discourage the rental of personal items such as mask and snorkel, boots and fins. We carry a large range of these for purchase from our store and there is sure to be something to suit your tastes and budget.

If you like the rental scuba diving equipment you are using, you are more than welcome to purchase it at a fraction of the cost of the same item brand new; just ask one of the crew to find out how.

Terms of Gear rental

To help us look after our hire gear for the next user we have a few things we ask you to respect

  •  Certification,drivers license and credit card must be shown and copied in order to hire
  • All gear hire must be returned on the monday after weekend hire
  • All gear hired out weekly must be returned an the seventh day of hire
  • All gear must be washed prior to returning
  • Make sure the dust cap is secured on the first stage
  • If possible use wetsuit wash to clean dive gear
  • Please hang wetsuits inside out to dry and return them the right-way-out
  • BCD – empty all salt water out of bladder and fill with fresh water through the inflator mouth piece and shake all around,the empty all water
  • WEIGHTS MUST always be kept out of tubs.NO EXCEPTIONS!! I found in tubs with gear a $20 inspection fee will be charged and you will be liable for and DAMAGES.
  • If gear is returned unwashed there will be a $20 dollar cleaning fee
  • Tanks must always have air left in them to keep water out cylinder
  • If the tank is returned with less than 30 bar, the customer will be charged a $40 visual inspection and tank maintenance fee.


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Scuba Life
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